Righteous Regardless

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The warrior does not tiptoe around life, hoping never to disturb the peace. The individual who behaves in that manner shall never be truly at peace. The warrior acts boldly, doing what he knows is right, regardless of how it might make others or even himself feel. He makes the tough decision, does what must be done, and is willing to deal with the consequences of behaving righteously.

He does not do this heartlessly or coldly; he does so with compassion, caution, and strategy when necessary. But he does so nonetheless. The truth will not always feels good, but what feels good or comfortable or safe will not always be right, honest, real, or healthy. Listen to your gut, trust your intuition, accept your fears and feelings while knowing that even if this is a painful step right now, eventually you and whomever else involved will be the better for it in the long run, as long as you do what’s right in the now. Faith, trust, acceptance—these are the tools the Warrior uses when faced with tough decisions. He is not afraid to feel, not afraid to disappoint or to be alone, for he knows that all states are temporary; and ultimately the immediate results of the righteous action will be washed over by the righteous state that was necessary all along.

Do not tiptoe about, hoping never to feel loss or sadness. You will fail. Do not walk on egg shells with others, aiming never to disappoint them. You will only end up disappointed in yourself. Never let the fear of disappointment, sadness, or even pain supersede what you know is right and true. Act boldly, truthfully, righteously, regardless of anything else. And do so with good intentions, with the bigger picture in mind, even if others can’t see it. Do so with wisdom and love. Do so for the greater good and for your own peace of mind. Doing what you know is right will often be tough and require immense courage, but acting righteously even in the face of fear is what truly defines a warrior!

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