Security Training

Are you in the Security field and looking to sharpen your defense and submission skills? Need security training in order to better understand how to quickly and effectively control a situation, stop an attack, and place someone in an arrest position? Coach Jeremy Pollack has more than 20 years experience in the martial arts, and over a decade teaching security training to security officials, police and military. Coach Jeremy teaches both hand-to-hand control and arrest techniques, as well as defense against common weapons, such as knife, stick, and hand gun, and proper handling and use of security weaponry, including pepper spray, taser, hand gun, and baton.

Coach Jeremy teaches private security training to individuals, semi-private group classes for security companies, and security agency workshops.
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Bodyguard / Executive Protection Services

Coach Jeremy also provides bodyguard and executive protection services in Los Angeles. Depending on the particular needs of the client, either Jeremy or one of his executive protection agents can assist in guarding individuals, families, groups, or events. Executive protection services are provided for politicians, celeberities, high-net worth individuals, or any subject that feels he/she is at risk.
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