Self-First versus Self-ish

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The Sage views himself as an extension of the Universe; thus he lives life for himself and makes his inner peace of utmost significance. Others often view him as selfish and narrow-minded, but in the times of need when they must call upon someone of power, only the sage has enough strength to perform the job. For only he has cultivated his true potential by making himself a priority.

Modern society often teaches us that putting ourselves first is always selfish. But without feeling whole, healthy and solid internally, how can we give away the true benefits we have to offer? If we do not experience inner peace and contentment in our own hearts and minds, how can we truly help anyone else get there? We must make our self-nurturing a priority. So, what’s the line between making yourself a priority and being selfish?

Taking time for yourself and noticing when you need self-care is much different than being selfish, which entails hoarding what you want or going after what you desire, regardless of who you step on. Taking self-time and focusing on self-care does not require stepping on anyone, no matter who tries to convince you otherwise. In fact, manipulating who you are or ignoring what you need and feel just to please others is essentially a lie, and that is very selfish, both to them and to yourself. So start becoming aware of how you’re selling yourself out in order to please others. Where do you pretend to be something that doesn’t feel quite right to you, just so others will like you or aren’t disappointed in you? Where do you do things that don’t feel right just to please others? When do you neglect yourself when you sense that you need self-attention or alone time? This is called getting lost in your masks.

Break society’s old mold, which proclaims that self-first equals self-ish. Realize the Self as an extension of the Universe. Honor yourself as you would honor the world. Neglecting oneself is thus the highest form of neglecting others and the Universe. Acknowledge that you are very important and must take care of and nurture yourself. Make time and space for yourself regularly to get what you need in a spiritual and emotional sense. Make this way of living a non-negotiable Term in your life: “My emotional and spiritual health come first.” Only then can you give the true benefits and potential of your being to others and to the World.

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