Self-Image: Which You Are You Attached To?

Self-Image: Which You Are You Attached To?

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What labels, categories, images, or markers have you placed on your SELF? Are you a wife, husband, mother, father, employee, boss, servant, or master? What are the stories you tell yourself about you? Are you someone who never gets anything done, who gets everything done, who can’t handle anything, who is always okay with everything? What if you began to strip away these stories, these labels, these images…? Who would be left? What or who is the being that is YOU without any of it?

To weather the storm of life—the unpredictable, constantly changing and creative nature of the Universe—we must have a sense of ourselves beyond the images. Because along the way, all labels will be stripped away, all images of ourselves will crack; and if we are attached to these images, if we are so identified with the stories and names we’ve made for ourselves that we have no sense of who we are without them, we will suddenly find ourselves lost at sea, stranded in a small, empty ship, being blown about by the chaos of the storm. When you are no longer the servant or the master, will you know what do with yourself? When the kids have moved out and you are alone in the house, will you cling to being a parent as your life raft? When the career you always pictured for yourself and the label you always wanted don’t happen the way you thought they would, will your life still be worthwhile and precious? In order to understand our Real Nature, and thus the beauty and sacred nature of our beings, we must begin to develop a sense of identity that does not rely on any of the stories or labels. We must sense or feel our true being, an expression of the perfect and high Energy, regardless of what we or others call us in the illusory world.

Pride and fear often keep us stuck in our images. Many of us are too proud to admit that the label has changed or that circumstances are not what we’d hoped they’d become. And most of us are afraid that if we look deeper than the labels, that if we truly de-identify from them, we won’t know who we are anymore. But the Warrior’s Path suggests that you go into that fear, to let go of pride, to dissolve the stories and discover who you really are! If you don’t know right away, that’s ok!! At least you know that. Only from that place, stripped down and bare and afraid, can you begin the journey of understanding who that being is and what he or she means to the world. There is nowhere for you turn then but toward the spiritual path. Remember, the Warrior is afraid too, but the Warrior embraces the fear, allows it to be there, and moves forward along the inward journey.

Isn’t it time to discover who you really are? Aren’t you worth the risk? Deep down, you are truly more sacred than any self-image to which you’re attached. Remember this when you begin your journey!

I am something more than this identity.
I am one with the Universe.
Hence, there is no “I”, only a beautiful, eternal being.

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