Who or What is Your True Self?

Jeremy PollackAs a Taoist Priest and meditation instructor, my work focuses on helping individuals live a spiritual life while existing in everyday society. This includes learning how to view relationships, events, and circumstances that are common to all of us from a more universal perspective and with an open heart. Often, this shift entails a perspective of non-judgment, letting go of unhealthy expectations or beliefs, and retaining a strong sense of self and connection to one's higher power in the midst of distracting daily happenings.

This path takes dedication to and development of a spiritual or personal practice, and my expertise lies in helping those looking for this path to create and implement such a practice. I aim to walk the walk, not simply talk the talk. I live what I teach and trust how I live! Every practice and system I help develop is a method I have personally experienced and tested. But of course, I'm not perfect, and so I am constantly learning how to optimize and stabilize my own practice, thus truly learning how to relate to my clients' needs and how to produce better, more effective methods for living a spiritual life in the modern world. Extremely knowledgeable of all major religions, I work with individuals of any background or denomination, helping to develop a practical spiritual path based on whatever framework my students/clients are comfortable with.

Questions we often look to answer are:
Who am I...really?
What is my purpose?
Who or what is God?
How do I relate to God and to other beings in this life?
How can I feel more fulfilled, more joy, and more connection?

If you have these or other questions, my aim is to help YOU find the answers for yourself. I am just a guide... Contact me now for more information on Spiritual Counseling Services. Call me at (310) 895-9927 or fill out the form below.