Spiritual Support & Discussion Circle

Led by Coach Jeremy, a Taoist Priest, this is a NON-RELIGIOUS discussion and support group held on the border of West Los Angeles / Santa Monica / Culver City, aiming to help one another progress in our spiritual development as well as apply spiritual principles to our everyday lives. People from all backgrounds and denominations welcome!

For location and to signup for Spiritual Guidance & Support Group in Los Angeles / Culver City / Santa Monica, please email:

Whether you're looking to develop your spiritual foundations, to deepen your practice, and/or to meet like-minded spiritual folks who can support your growth, Coach Jeremy's spiritual support groups in Los Angeles & Santa Monica are a great way to take your spiritual practice to the next level. These spiritual discussion circles are a great way for local Los Angeles and Santa Monica residents to inspire greater connection, deeper compassion, and higher self-awareness in their daily lives.

Spiritual growth is fundamental to the emotional and psychological well-being of most people. But it doesn't need to be a solitary practice; you don't have to do it alone! Support circles are so important to encourage one another along the path, to help each other where needed, and to hold each other accountable to our spiritual goals. Our goal is to create a community of supportive, conscious spiritual human beings.

Join Coach Jeremy's spiritual support group in Los Angeles / Santa Monica by emailing CoachJ@CoachJeremyPollack.com.