Stand Your Ground

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Every Warrior inevitably comes to point at which he must fight. He hopes these times are rare and that he can avoid violent confrontations. But make no mistake, although inclined to avoid fighting whenever possible, the Warrior has NO FEAR of confrontation. And when the time calls for force, his opponent will feel as if the energy of the entire universe is standing in front of him, ready for whatever comes.

There is a time for the compassionate approach to opposing forces—feeling a sense of empathetic understanding and forgiveness. There is a time to take tough situations lightly—chuckling and perhaps going along with everything lightly and unattached. But there will be times when compassion and silliness is set aside so that you can stand up for yourself in a stern and powerful manner. This is called drawing lines in the sand; this is called standing tall; this is called showing your opponent that the universe is standing before him. If other, softer or lighter approaches have failed to move you into a better place, if the situation is only getting worse by not being stern, then it may indeed be time get tough.

When done cleanly and deliberately, with honest intention, getting tough is an important step along the lines of self-confidence and self-trust. You must know that at some point, when a line has been crossed, that you will not back down, you will not be manipulated or pushed, that you will stand for yourself, that you will fight back if given no other choice. You must trust yourself with this ability to stand strong. But do not make it about your ego—getting the last word, making the opposing party wrong, or evincing an “I’ll show him” attitude. Rather, due this with righteous intent—with the intentions of doing what your gut tells you is right, with clear end goals in mind, and recognizing the point or level to which you are willing to rise but no further. Know these clearly before taking action. This way, you will not allow yourself to become something other than the strong man/woman/warrior you intend to be; you will not later regret your actions, but rather stand proud of the manner with which you stood for your values. The strongest warrior is the righteous warrior, who knows when to be compassionate, when to laugh something off, and when to fight back.

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