Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Routines, repetitions, the known, the same, the warm, the fuzzy. Such easy propositions for us humans... Indeed it's very easy to stay in the comfort zones of our repetitive lives, the safety bubbles where nothing is unknown and no one is challenging. Or perhaps your safety zone consists of the opposite--poor relationships, confrontations, turmoil, mayhem. Either way, the routine feels familiar and safe, but to a Warrior, this is stagnant, lacking in growth or expansion. The Warrior looks for the places he is most uncomfortable and considers them to be reasonable routes on the path to greater wisdom.

If you're interested in personal development--the Path of the Warrior--then you must go to the places that scare you and do the things that are out of your comfort zone. Only then will you surprise yourself as to what you are actually capable of; only then will you realize that you are so much more than the defined ideas or limitations with which you have become identified. You will understand that you have so much more to give, to learn, and to be! As a warrior trekking out of your comfort zone, you must be willing to reinvent yourself--to let go of the old identity who stays safe and comfy, and instead become progressive and courageous. With brave progress forward into the unknown or uncomfortable, you will find a power that may shock you, and with this power comes a steadiness you never knew while in the illusion of your steady BUBBLE. You will be ready for whatever the world brings, willing to take on new challenges, rather than reinforcing the walls of your bubble, hoping and praying that nothing will ever come to shake its walls.

So, do you want growth and mystery and new experiences in your life? Or do you want routine and repetition? The choice is yours, and either option it totally okay. Just decide which path is right for you. And remember, the path is not always black or white. Each situation is different, and each area of your life may require more repetition than others, so you determine where you need NEW and where you need SAME. However, you CAN decide in general whether you want to live a Warrior's life or not. Is the man or woman you want to be one who never steps out of the comfort zone, who always relies on the safety of routine? Or is that man or woman one who considers all possibilities and isn't afraid of engaging with life, even if certain situations are not so comfortable? Will you put wisdom, experience and growth first...or will safety and comfort win the day? If wisdom becomes primary, and comfort becomes secondary, then you can look at life as a Warrior and decide when exactly it's necessary to get a little uncomfortable. Some of the most amazing stuff happens outside the comfort zone... So if you choose the Warrior's path, get ready for a little discomfort and a lot of Amazing!

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