Weapons, Stick & Knife Fighting Classes in Phoenix, AZ

knife fighting classesWhen it comes to defending against a knife, stick, or any weapon, there's nothing more important than focusing on the threat (weapon) and your ultimate priority (control or escape). Coach Jeremy's real-world, scenario-based weapons training courses, including stick and knife fighting classes in Phoenix, utilize practical techniques, pragmatic philosophies, and legal considerations to create effective and efficient uses of and defenses against knives, sticks, handguns, and other weapons. Originally from Los Angeles, where he served in the military police unit of the California State Military Reserve, Coach Jeremy brings stick and knife fighting classes to Phoenix with more than 25 years of training in a variety of martial arts, and a special focus on weapons for more than a decade. Moving from the traditional weapon systems, which he still teaches in practical forms, he now focuses on knife fighting, stick fighting, handgun defense, and other practical street weapon systems.

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Coach Jeremy teaches private lessons, weapons workshops, and semi-private group stick and knife fighting classes in Phoenix.

Call 310-895-9927 or CoachJeremy@CoachJeremyPollack.com to schedule an appointment.

Coach Jeremy's Knife & Weapons Defense Philosophy: Key Points


  • Safe Word for family – they know when to run or hide (not a joke)
  • Safety plan for home – what to do/not do, where to run, where to meet
  • Technique drills – get used to perceiving the knife, stick or weapon
  • Practice with various partners, environments, attacks, and knife or weapon types
  • Test different defenses to determine what works best for you
  • Full speed, 80% power sparring
  • Adrenaline drills / Fear Inoculation training – watch knife clips, visualize scenarios, create fear, then spar with weapons
  • Do not practice stopping after being cut/stabbed; practice keep fighting

General Awareness

  • Be suspicious, without being paranoid.
    • Never underestimate capacity for others’ aggression.
    • Never be naive.
  • Watch the HANDS! Hands are where the weapons are.
  • Know when heightened alert is necessary: extremely crowded or non-crowded
    Exits/escape routes & Entrapments
  • Weapon in hand when legal and/or reasonable

Preventing Attack

  • Escape/run – Never fight a weapon unless absolutely no other choice; don’t be a “tough guy”
  • Yell for help; alert everyone to what is happening; create witnesses
  • Look for weapons, shields, blinders, obstacles – ANYTHING you can use
  • Become intimidating
  • Be prepared to kill, to rise to level necessary for vicious defense without losing control – product of training

Defending Attack

  • W.O.M.B.: Will, Opportunity, Mobility, Bodily Functions
  • Priority: protect yourself first -- safe techniques for incurring least amount of damage
    • FOCUS: on the weapon (first threat); all other threats are secondary
  • Second Priority: Go for kill. -- never intend to simply submit/control. Only end at control when reasonably safe for you.
    • FOCUS: once weapon is controlled, attack soft targets (throat, gut, groin, eyes)
  • GOAL: Always aim to escape; if can’t run, go for kill or control; if can run, do whatever is necessary to gain momentary advantage to escape
  • LEGAL: Able to articulate reasonable use of force; do not continue to attack once in control.