Synchronicity: The Language of God

Synchronicity: The Language of God

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I remember once I was driving, listening to a new song I had just purchased, and the chorus came on just as I had pulled to a stop light. The song was by a band called Phish, and the chorus, which I had never heard before, went: “God never listens to what I say… God never listens to what I say…” From that particular stoplight, there was a large billboard at the street corner, and it had only large words, no pictures. The billboard text read simply: “God is Listening!” I got goosebumps, and felt immediately grateful for that literal “sign.” I recognized this as synchronicity.

Most people have had at least one synchronistic event in their life, and people are often amazed at evidence of the phenomenon. That woman just happened to be at that time and place exactly when you were there, even though you weren’t supposed to be there and neither was she, and so on and so forth. Things that just seemed…meant to be.

So what is synchronicity? A coincidence of deep meaning, perhaps? I take synchronicity to be the language of the Universe—the collective energy communicating with me by presenting opportunities to recognize the truth and beauty of infinite connectedness. Essentially, the language of God. However, if synchronicity is indeed the language of the Great Energy, why should it be limited only to rare moments of strange occurrences? Soon after that small synchronistic event, I began wondering if perhaps everything was synchronistic. Every person I happen to meet, maybe even anyone that remotely crosses my path, every event that occurs around me or to me, every relationship, every outing, everything! All of it could be placed into that definition of synchronicity: an opportunity to recognize the truth and beauty of infinite connectedness—the language of God.

If you’ve had an overtly synchronistic event in your life, that’s fantastic personal evidence that some strange, unseen connection exists between all things and happenings. But how often are you recognizing that same beauty and truth in EVERYTHING that happens? Synchronicity is everywhere; opportunities to recognize and experience connectedness is in every moment. For just 60 seconds today, try to be aware of the moment-to-moment, utterly mind-boggling occurrences of everything around you, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Notice instead the significance of all of it, the people crossing your path, the fact that you happen to be at just that place when all those other folks and all these events are happening at just the same time. We often choose not to talk to those people or do anything about these mundane events; we often take them for granted. But what if you didn’t? There may indeed be a reason or an opportunity for anyone crossing your path and anything happening at just the moment you happen to be there.

Don’t take life for granted. Aim to appreciate every moment as a constantly flowing eruption of the truth and beauty of connectedness. The Universe is speaking to you, to each of us, in every single moment. Learn to speak its language—learn to recognize the synchronicity in every instant—and you will truly feel part of the magic of existence.

Everything is connected.
Everyone who crosses my path presents an opportunity to connect.
Every event is a sign that the Universe is magical.

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