Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap

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A warrior reaches the fabled mountain’s apogee, surrounded by mist in all directions. He’s followed all the trails told in the myths, and the trails turned out to be right. So now this final step is all that’s left—a leap from the top of the mountain to the hidden cave below the mist, where spiritual masters have transcended their bodies, where sages become immortal. But if the legend is false, he will leap to his demise, down 10,000 feet into the abyss of the valley below. The warrior closes his eyes and searches his intuition, listening for an inner wisdom to lead him… Jump, it whispers. And without opening his eyes, he leaps. Into the mist. Through the fog. Into immortality.

You’ve been thinking about a new direction, planning for a new path; perhaps it’s a career shift, a new relationship, or new spiritual direction. This path, this vision just feels right… SO what’s holding you back from that final step? That final YES? Sometimes it’s simply a leap of faith.

Taking a leap of faith doesn’t mean you go into situations blindly or irresponsibly. You prepare, you strategize, you research. If you’re finding red flags, signs that all is not what it seems or not quite in line with your vision, then perhaps you need to do a bit more research before leaping. Or maybe the leap of faith is actually to change directions altogether. It is important to be realistic and not stick to a course simply because you want to believe it will work when the signs are pointing against it. That doesn’t mean that your goal or vision is wrong—it may just mean that this particular path in getting there is not the right route. Do your homework. Look at all the angles. Decide you can handle the potential outcomes. Search your fear—how is it stopping you? Have you done everything you could do to prepare for this choice? Are you certain you want this new direction for your life?

Answer these important questions. So that when all signs do seem to say YES, when things just line up, and the time finally comes to leap, you’ll be taking a calculated risk. Because at some point, preparation must end—you must decide to JUMP. That one final push, where you’re willing to risk it all to gain even more.

Taking the leap of faith is scary, so can you handle being afraid? Are you willing to be scared for the chance at your dreams? Leaping takes courage. It takes faith. It takes trust. Know that you can do it. Listen to your inner wisdom, go with your gut, make the decision. Are the signs saying…JUMP?! If so, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like NOW. Take the leap! You can handle this.

I am on the right path.
I am ready to take this leap.
I can handle whatever comes.

  1. Date: January 11, 2016
    Author: Deborah

    Starting College in a couple days. I am 51.. I have to take this leap of faith. I need a great jobe and a new life. So to day I leap! Thank you for you site.. Love this

    • Date: January 12, 2016
      Author: Coach Jeremy

      That's, great, Deborah! Congratulations on taking this leap!


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