The 5 Properties of Your Nature

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There are 5 properties that are naturally inherent in the Great Source energy, which comprises all things:

The first is Abundance—the overwhelming, endless sea of everything imaginable constantly available and fulfilled. The second is Creation—a constant state of change and renewal, of building and breaking down. The third is Freedom—an infinite, eternal existence, free from all limitations of time and space. The fourth is Balance—a total harmony and perfect equality of all energies and actions. And finally, there is Oneness: The connection between Source Energy and all things that exist, making everything part of the same whole, deeming all things interconnected. YOU are part of this equation – YOU are one and the same as the Source Energy. And so, YOUR natural state is inherently made of these 5 inherent properties.

Whenever you are feeling lack, REMEMBER that you are naturally Abundant. Whenever, you are feeling stagnant, REALIZE that you are constantly Creating your world in every moment. If ever you are feeling trapped, STAY AWARE of the timeless and endless Freedom of your existence. When dis-harmony or dis-ease seem to take hold of you, FOCUS back to your natural state of total Balance and perfection. And should you ever feel truly alone, KNOW that you are, on the contrary, One with and connected to everyone and everything at all times, and that aloneness is only an illusory concept of the ego mind.

Be aware of self-judgement. Remind yourself, that it is not the temporary states of your life that define you, but rather the properties of your true, eternal nature.

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