The Calm Beyond the Storm

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The Warrior sits in total silence, eyes closed, meditating while a war erupts around him. Blades flying, voices yelling, feet marching, bodies falling. And yet he continues to sit peacefully, in total faith, in total trust: When the time comes for him to raise his sword, he will do so without thought, naturally, without preconceptions of what should or must be; until then, he has complete faith that whatever the Universe means to bring him will be brought, should it be death or life, and he does not judge either gift. He simply sits and focuses inward until his heart and gut tell him to rise.

In the modern battlefield of mental and emotional conflicts, in the internal world of stories and worries, how do we become the faithful Warrior? How do we sit amidst the chaos and yet exist beyond it, not being pulled this way or that in the constant oscillation of events “out there” or fantasies in our heads?

We must first stop and become aware of ourselves! Focus inward, breathe, and notice our actions, our thoughts. We must then get clear of the stories we’re creating. “What if this or that happens? This will affect me tomorrow, next week, the rest of my life, forever…” Be conscious of the what if’s and forevers. Watch the dizzying array of thoughts that are passing through your head as though they were a movie, with fantasies and projections and premonitions of all types, creating a vacillating symphony of emotional states. Then breathe, close your eyes, and allow them to simply pass through. Don’t force them out—just LET them be and watch them fade.

Now, focus on what is real, what is true. Are you okay right now? Are you alive and breathing and here? The truth is: Nothing else is real! All the worries, all projections, the stuff going on inside your mind are nothing more than stories you’ve made up. Where is your faith? That everything will work out exactly as it must, and that you will be okay regardless of the outcome; that everything will come and eventually pass; that nothing is forever. Remember what is true: You are alive and okay right here, right now; you will deal with what comes; and in the end, you will find your way. Stay calm and steady in the storm—by maintaining your faith, by recognizing your stories, and by focusing on what is true and real right now! This path takes courage and conviction, self-awareness and confidence. Hence, you will not only live like the Warrior…you will BE the Warrior.

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