The Essence of Creation

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We’ve all heard the phrase: “You don’t have a creative bone in your body.” Well, this is nonsense. In fact, our bones very literally are the essence of creation. We are each creation itself; we are the cause and result of creation, the consequence and the catalyst, which means we are all constantly creating. Each and every one of us! We are all creators!

The very fact that we, as a collective body and as individuals, have spawned, grown, and are continuing to expand and evolve—not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—is hard evidence that we are innately tapped into the universal pool of creative energy. Whether you stroke a canvas with the felt laces of a paintbrush or you scrub bathroom walls with the hard tinsels of a gum pick, YOU are DOING it! You are creating each moment; you are performing each movement and conceiving the reason, the method, and the outcome of each motion. Each of us living daily life—creating friends and family, working, playing, etc.—are in fact artists of life! The sculptors of our own existence. The painters of history—personal histories that can only be created by us.

It’s a strong point to remember, because if you are the creator of your own life, then you as the artist have the ability to paint it any way you see fit. You can shade it in with sad tones and misty hues; or you can enliven it to inspire great bouts of color and motion! It’s up to you. You have the power to use your natural creative energy to craft whatever kind of life you’d like. It simple and perhaps easy to say... But it’s nevertheless TRUE!

There is no one in existence who is not innately creative. That notion doesn’t even make sense. There’s no difference between us and creation—we are one in the same. With every thought, every movement—no matter how small or trite or seemingly inconsequential—take a moment to acknowledge that YOU have done it, that YOU have created it, all on your own! Perhaps we have been aided by the guidance of a greater force, but that greater force, whatever you believe it to be, has afforded us the free will to act upon or not act upon life itself, and it is that free—that ability to choose—will which allows us all to create another moment and then another, all at the whim of our own creative vision. The power of creation is infinite and endless. You do not need to tap into it; you are already using it! Acknowledge this and choose to create the kind of life—friends, work, play, and environment—that you desire, that you deserve.

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