The Law of Constant Change

The Law of Constant Change

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All energy in the Universe is constantly changing, all states are temporary, and everything is impermanent. Do not resist change; rather, accept all that you cannot control and let it be. As long as you know your authentic self and stick to your purposeful path, you will be okay.

When we do not accept the law of constant change and do not trust ourselves within this world of impermanence, we tend to live in a constant state of suspicion, always on guard in order to prepare for and protect against the unknown. The non-accepting student lives his life in a mental bunker—always afraid, always preparing for the worst, existing in a state of protection or defense, and never coming out into life, toward light and enjoyment. To live fully, to be truly alive, we must come out of the safe hole we’ve dug for ourselves and explore the unknown world around us. The unknown is by its very nature a bit scary, but fear does not have to stop us from exploring... In fact, the greatest discoveries in life often spring from the paths that once scared us the most.

When we accept change, trusting ourselves to roll with life’s unknowns, we will more easily enjoy the exciting and “happy” moments of life while letting go and learning from the “unhappy” moments, in both cases realizing how unique and temporary these states are. Cherish all experiences! Do not judge one from the other. Experience everything, for soon these energies shall change, these situations shall pass, and we can do nothing about it. Don’t hold onto the safe zones. Don’t try to rush through the difficult times. Rather, experience life and hold onto to your self-awareness all along. Accept change and learn to trust yourself in all situations. Move toward faith, toward freedom, toward life. Discover the unknown... You might just like what you find!

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