The Light of the Tao

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The path of Right Living is like a beautiful, gently-flowing river. Lined by trees on each side, it clears a channel through the forest, upon which sunlight always shines. Each of us have a unique river helping us to create the course of our lives, but all streams are fed by the One Source, to which eventually they also all flow back. We call this path The Way or The Tao.

When we are in line with The Tao, living from Source, we are most surrendered to the flow of the river, allowing ourselves to be carried by the current and using free will to swim with the tide. Often in life, however, we stop ourselves amidst the flow or even move against the current, unwilling to progress forward, afraid of change and of the unknown. Often we stray from the path, heading into the surrounding forest—the further we travel, the darker our world becomes. But we shall not judge our actions; for this resistance is often necessary, in order to remind us of the Path’s importance and to realize that there is always a way back to the Light, no matter how far we stray.

Flowing is the Way of least resistance, of living in a way we know is right. You will know your level of Right Living—your proximity to The Tao—as your head will be clearer, your heart at deeper peace, your body in greater balance, and your spirit shall feel more aligned with Source and connected to all other spirits through The Source. Whenever you lose your way or resist the flow or stray from the path, simply close your eyes, become present, and meditate. Rest assured: your inner voice will guide you back home. Remind yourself to go with the flow, and to recognize which way the stream is running. Through the peaceful darkness of meditation and alignment with the flow, you will be led back to the inspiring Light of the Tao.

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