The Open Heart-Mind

The Open Heart-Mind

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Hold energies as you would hold water: Present an open and cupped palm, a space for it to be as it is. The tighter you grasp and harder your fingers clench, the quicker it slips between the fingers and runs from your hands. People are like water. Monies are like people. Both are energies. Do not chase them. Do not grasp for them. Create an open space for the energies in your life, so that they may come and go freely, in and out of your path. For they will oscillate naturally, and the more open your heart-mind remains to their freedom of will and space, the more often they will find their ways back to you. On the contrary, the harder it becomes for you to let go and the more desperately you beg their return, the further and more often they will fall away.

Energies, people, money—let them be, and simply watch them move. Value and appreciate their presence, but do not cling to it. Their coming and going is out of your control and frankly none of your business. Your business is to live your path, your purpose. Stay focused on your work, dedicate yourself to what you feel is important. Focus only on this and your love and gratitude for things as they are. All energies are only temporary, always approaching, always fleeting, always in flux. The more you live this truth and focus only on your purposeful work, the easier and more peaceful your life becomes. The more you realize all you need is what you already have, the closer you are to the truth.

People come, and one day they will go. Money arrives, and soon it will depart. But you are always here, constant, present, on the path. To accept this notion, to keep your heart-mind open, like the empty space in a cupped palm, is to be a welcoming beacon for all energies that are meant to cross your path.

Everything is okay, exactly as it is.
I am okay, exactly as I am.
I welcome all the beauty into my life,
and honor it when it needs to leave.

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