The Spirit of Discovery

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The young warrior is a wanderer, always searching for the next adventure. He stays in no place for very long, as the spirit of discovery pushes him onward to experience new people, places, and situations both to learn from and enjoy. When eventually the warrior decides to settle for a while in a particular environment, he may succumb to a fulfilling routine of activities and family, but he adventures still, both in short excursions and introspection.

Adventure and discovery are crucial elements to developing and sustaining the warrior within. Exploration requires both courage and faith, both curiosity and acceptance. It is important to often afford oneself the freedom and wonder felt in childhood—a reminder that one is forever a sacred and inquisitive spirit. Even if you are settled into a routine, with a family, a job, and other daily rituals, take a bit of time for yourself each week to have a new adventure. Go hiking along an unknown trail; wander through a part of the city you’ve never been before; sometimes go alone and sometimes take the ones you love, becoming for them an example of the courageous explorer. At least twice a year, designate a week to take off from your normal routine and discover a brand new place, awakening and reminding yourself of the youthful and adventurous warrior inside!

And between excursions of physical travel, explore on a daily basis the vast hidden parts of your world within. Meditate and surrender to the Universe, that it may take you to new heights, different worlds, and fresh adventures beyond your mind and into the infinite expanse of the transcendent space within and all around you. You will discover territory you’ve never before envisioned; you will find aspects of yourself that you did not know existed. Imagination and the Universal Spirit can take you through the dimensions of your dreams and beyond. All the everyday Warrior must do is be open to new adventures and possess the will of discovery.

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