The Spiritual Path

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Every morning, before embarking on his daily pursuits, the warrior makes time to sit quietly in oblivion, to stretch slowly, to read the scriptures, and to quietly contemplate his oneness. For the Warrior, life is not merely a series of tasks and accomplishments, but rather a spiritual embarkation, from which all domains—family, health, profession, science, art—stem and flourish. His spiritual life is the center of all that he does and the muse for all he creates.

How important is your spiritual life? Are you like the Spiritual Warrior, whose central purpose engenders a divine connection? How important to you is the pursuit of spiritual wisdom? Most importantly, what can this spiritual focus do for us in our daily lives? Warriors do not simply go through the motions. They are mindful of all they do, and everything is done with purpose, with intention, and with a universal oneness in mind. Without a sense of higher existence, we may go through life blindly; we may feel lost or overwhelmed with routine in daily tasks, stopping finally as the dusk winds to night and asking ourselves: Why… Why am I doing what I’m doing with my life? What does all of this mean? What legacy am I creating? What purpose do I have?

The Warrior who seeks truth and contemplates oneness, soon lets go of these questions. For the answer becomes obvious, and his sense of meaning is engrossed with divine presence. Even if you cannot find a direct correlation between your spiritual life and your daily purpose, there is one nonetheless. An example might be: I go to work to earn money for my family and have greater freedom; the happier my family is, the more love I feel; the more freedom I have, the more time I create to quietly enjoy the universe; the more love and enjoyment I experience, the closer I am to God. I am doing this every day to experience love, enjoyment, and closer connection with the Universe. Hence, your daily duties ultimately translate to a spiritually-driven purpose, and with this in mind, every day becomes lighter, meaningful, and intended.

So, how important is your spiritual life? What have you done lately to further explore your path, your beliefs, you divine constitution? When you feel lost or bored or numb, remember that there is indeed a spiritual remedy to this position. The Warrior knows that divine connection dissolves the monotony of human confusion: When we feel a connection to everything, sensing our oneness and aliveness, we finally feel at home, we finally feel meaningful. We each have a unique and amazing purpose in this world; no matter how estranged it may seem, divine light will illuminate the true purpose of your existence.

  1. Date: April 26, 2014
    Author: Johan

    This short movie got me very emotional. I alsmot cried when the old man was speaking. In order to be grateful we have to see. and in order to truly see, we have to be present. We are all in such a hurry that we are not present and we do not see. Every day I strive to be present, even if for just a few minutes.


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