The Victim Vs. The Warrior

The Victim Vs. The Warrior

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There are two teepees that lie at the head of the village. In one resides the Warrior-Hunter. In the other lives the Victim. In any given moment, one of these two teepees is leading the village, and when it’s the latter…the village is in trouble. The Victim wonders why no meat ever shows up in the village, and so the people are hungry. The Victim wonders why the Great Spirit gives them only sunshine and no rain for crops, and so the people are starving. If only the village would vote to allow the Warrior to take over. She would not wait for the meat to show up—he would go out and HUNT for it! The Warrior would not wait for the rain to come—he would develop ways of bringing water from the river to the village. If only the village would vote to follow the Warrior’s lead. If only…

The Victim stays in the problem; s/he wonders why things never happen the way s/she wants, why the world or the situation never changes; the Victim complains when unwanted situations occur, blames other people, blames the world, blames God. Again, the Victim is stuck in the problem. The Warrior doesn’t see the problem; only a challenge and an opportunity for growth. S/he doesn’t wait for life to happen—the Warrior MAKES it happen. The Warrior-Hunter gets out of problem mode and into solution. S/he goes out and gets the meat, finds the water, builds the teepee, creates the fire. The Warrior does not accept defeat; does not quit on himself, on the village, even on the Victim. The Warrior leaves no man or woman behind, and does not stop until the job is done.

Who is running your village: the Victim or the Warrior-Hunter? When you’re feeling helpless or hopeless, when complaints have taken over your mind and blame has riddled your heart, ask yourself: What would my Warrior do? How would my Hunter handle this? Would s/he wait for the meat to show up? Or would s/he get out and hunt? Does s/he stay in the problem, or does s/he get into solution? It is important to acknowledge the Victim’s feelings, to give yourself compassion and space for being sad or hurt or afraid or in pain. But it is also important to simultaneously take action, for one does not preclude the other. Compassion and action. Love and solution. This is true power. This is the way of the Hunter. This is the Warrior’s path.

Stop waiting for life to happen. Stop blaming the world when it does. Find the opportunities. Learn the lessons. Feel your feelings and take some action! You’ve got one life to live—this is not a dress rehearsal. Let the Warrior take the lead and save the village from starvation.

Now go out and get what you need. No excuses.

I will never accept.
I will never quit.
I am and shall be a Warrior.

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