The Warrior is Decisive

The Warrior is Decisive

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The Warrior recognizes when it is time to make decisions. There is a time for contemplation, for weighing options and testing waters, but eventually a resolution must be made, a direction must be set. Children waiver back and forth; the uninitiated trainees get stuck in deliberation. But the Warrior listens to his gut, honors his Inner Voice, and makes a choice to move forward. She sets the course, dictates a plan of action, and executes her route, on her terms, to see the decision through.

Remember, a decision now does not mean "forever." So many men and women get stuck in indecision because they are afraid that once they make a decision, they'll be trapped on that path for "the rest of my life." This is an illusion. Minds change, feelings shift, visions alter. Things out of our control create waves in the sea and we must alter the course. A reasonable change in direction is still an act of decisiveness. Only a poor leader stays too long on a non-working course or waivers in between two paths, and an indecisive Captain crashes the boat.

So where are you being indecisive? Where are you half-in and half-out? How long are you willing to stay on the road of ambivalence? The time to take action is nearing. The time to make a decision and commit to that direction is upon you.

Do not be the delicate willow reed swaying in the wind. Become the steady oak, growing toward light, deciding upon a sure direction and walking your Purposeful Path with both feet in. Make your decision and take your course! Don't be afraid that you'll be stuck on that course forever—remember: things change, and so can you. But we must first start with a clear and decisive route. This decisiveness may actually lead to more freedom, not less. It will allow you to eventually sprout in many directions, to entertain a plethora of opportunities and new potential paths, and to decide what will ultimately be right for you, all the while keeping a purposeful, steadfast presence at the center.

I am ready to make a decision.
I am willing to close the back doors.
Whatever path I choose will be the right one for now.

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