The Warrior Seeks Solitude

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Every master knows when it is time to work, time to play, and time to find stillness. Many warriors retreat into nature, where connection to the great silence is more easily found. Most meditate, going inward to connect to the true nature of self and the Universe. Whatever the method, all warriors designate their time and space to find peace in daily life.

As an engine cannot constantly run without stopping to refuel, so too must you take occasion to nourish and replenish yourself regularly. Do not get lost in the busy hustle of work and relationships. Make space in the constant flow of thoughts that spin through your head. Choose your spot, your domain—the quiet place where no one or thing will have disrupting access to you—whether it be in nature or in your home. This tranquil time and space is crucial for a peaceful heart and a ready mind. Even sleep is not enough, for that is an unconscious state, rampant with thoughts out of your conscious control. You must allot the time and place to sit quietly, let the body rest, and go into a conscious dream—a concentrated focus on nothing, a feeling of pure awareness and presence. Be mindful of the space between thoughts, the gentle hum of the Earth’s rotation, the quiet rhythm of your breath. This meditation will remind you of the source from which you come, of the power you continue to hold, and of the peace to which you always have access.

From this solitude, all work and play—indeed all of life’s activities—do stem, grow and flourish. Make your self-time a conscious priority, even if it’s only a few minutes a day. Endeavor regularly to be quiet and alone, to recall your true nature, and you will find greater peace and success in your life today. Aren’t you worth it?

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