The Way Reveals Itself

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In his travels, the wandering samurai comes across many obstacles. His young apprentice grows instinctively nervous at the sight of fallen trees impeding the known path over the mountain, feeling suddenly hopeless and confused as to their next steps. But his Master makes no judgments upon events, takes no time to brood over what seems to be an obstruction to their journey. Instead, he trusts the Great Energy and rests easy in the sense that a new path will open up—a better, straighter road, which the Universe intends for them to find. Eventually, the pair discovers another trail, and even though it is unknown, the Samurai trusts the Universe and trusts himself, making his way into the mystery of the New. Ultimately, the path turns out to be a short cut across the mountain, one they would never have taken had the old road not been blocked, or had they stopped altogether and taken to despair.

Along the shifting and rocky journey of life, there will be many roads, many choices, and many changes. Often, you will know deep in your gut that it is time to change the road you’re on and to gain new wisdom; and if you take too long in doing so, the Universe will help you make this change by dropping large trees across your current path. With this in mind, do not judge the events that occur along your journey. For even when something seems to not go the way you would like it to go, know that this is because the Great Energy intends for something better—some straighter path leading to your ultimate destination, some greater lesson you must learn in getting there. Just keep trekking. Never give up. Never take to despair. Always trust the Universe—that it wants the best for you, that it is providing the lessons you must learn, and that soon the RIGHT WAY will reveal itself. And always trust yourself—know that no matter what happens, YOU will be okay!

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