Tread Slowly Along the Path

Tread Slowly Along the Path

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When the young monk in training first begins to learn the foundation of his martial form, he will undoubtedly fire his arrows faster than he is able with any accuracy, and heave punches and kicks more quickly than he is able with any balance. When he treks along a shady path to the promise of a new meditation cave, he runs past the shadowy trees toward the opening in the forest. The young sage rushes frequently, for he is excited quickly, and often he is afraid of the unknown, believing that the more quickly he reaches the end, the more quickly that fear will diminish. But the seasoned Warrior walks slowly along the path, mindfully noting the hidden spots along the forest’s edge, watching for and learning from any veiled obstacles, and enjoying the sense of mystery that envelops the unknown. When he pulls back the string of his bow, he does so calmly, aiming his arrow precisely and enjoying the tranquil and balanced adventure of the hunt.

When embarking upon a new path in life—whether it be a new profession, a fresh relationship, or any journey into the unknown—do not make haste. This is a sure way to miss the Truth of any warnings or obstacles, and certainly the way to elude the beauty of a new learning experience. Instead, revel in the mystery, enjoy the sense of the unknown. For soon, very likely, you will uncover the answers you seek and discover much of what there is to know about this particular Path; and perhaps then you will pine for the lost beauty of the mystery, the sense that indeed anything is possible. There will be many opportunities in life to practice this mindful movement. So, begin now! Tread slowly along the Path. Make no judgments upon yourself or the experience as you do so. Simply be aware of this amazing opportunity to learn and to live with infinite possibilities. This way, you will experience every Wisdom more thoroughly and enjoy every moment more fully.

Get used to the idea of simply exploring the possibilities, rather than “knowing” everything right away. It is scary to not know, but even that fear can be exciting. Trust yourself that you will be okay; have faith that the Universe will bring what is meant to come; and move slowly and mindfully as you trek into the strange new adventures of your life.

It’s okay to move slowly.
Stay present and mindful.
I welcome change and can handle what comes.

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