Trust Your Passion

Trust Your Passion

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Many of us fill our days with endeavors we don’t find terribly meaningful in order to ensure wealth, status, and/or security. And this often comes at the expense of doing what we really do find meaningful or beautiful. Hence, we’ve become primarily focused on the ends—the outcome—regardless of the means, rather than on the journey itself. We have not considered seriously that the things we are passionate about may actually bring us what we need in life, if only we put more time and energy into creatively developing them. We do not trust our own hearts to lead us down a path of abundance, and so the days drone by full of meaningless routine and endless self neglect. This concept applies to professions, relationships, living environments, or any other life situation.

So, are you living a life of passion and purpose, or have you sacrificed what you find meaningful for safety, security, or social acceptance? If the latter is your case, would you be willing to start thinking more seriously about how to make your passion a realistic endeavor that will bring you abundance? This takes self-trust because once you have embarked on a life of purpose, it will be up to you to drive the ship. This path also takes a bit of faith: recognizing that the passion is not in you arbitrarily; that there is a reason for this yearning in your heart and gut, and perhaps this yearning is the Universe’s sign that you are meant to bring this passion into the world—it’s your unique gift to our community. Are you willing to trust that sign and trust yourself to make it work? This self-trust and faith is the path of the Warrior.

Remember, we have one life to live and none of us know how long or short it will be. Why fill your days with something you care very little about if you have something more meaningful burning in your heart? You don’t have to change the entire situation tomorrow—that might be unrealistic. But you can start taking your passion more seriously by brainstorming on ways to live it and on small steps you could take toward making it a reality. Trust this feeling—it’s there for a reason. Trust yourself—that you can make it happen if only you open up your heart and put your mind to it. Trust your passion!

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