Some of us are apt to prepare for the worst-case scenarios. What do you do in the case of a home-invasion? What about an active shooter scenario? What if there were a large-scale disaster, and if social structures suddenly or temporarily broke down? How do you prepare for such scenarios? Certainly, there are a number of wilderness and urban survival skills classes that teach important philosophies and skill-building methodologies for various scenarios; one element, however, that is often vastly overlooked by typical urban survival courses is urban survival combatives (USC). Coach Jeremy teaches urban survival combatives skills courses, including a variety of modules (below), to help individuals prepare to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their homes if necessary, when no help is on the way. It is highly advisable to train in ongoing courses for self-defense and survival, and thus a one-off course should only be considered a starting point. However, having some urban survival training is better than having no training.

For urban survival combatives skills courses, participants choose from the following modules:

MODULE 1: Go-bag preparation (30 min)

MODULE 2: General awareness and philosophical education for combative survival (non-physical) (45 min)

MODULE 3: In-home protection: home-invasion vs. social breakdown (with firearm) (60 min)

MODULE 4: Using a knife for self-defense (45 min)

MODULE 5: Using a stick for self-defense (30 min)

MODULE 6: Empty hand self-defense (60 min)

MODULE 7: Empty-hand defense against knife (45 min)

MODULE 8: Empty hand defense against stick and bat (30 min)

MODULE 9: Empty-hand defense/Takeaway against handgun (45 min)

MODULE 10: Empty hand defense/Takeaway against rifle (active shooter combatives) (45 min)

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