IWC's Life Coaching Certification program consists of 2 options:

Certified Warrior Coach (2 year program)
Certified Warrior Priest (4 year program)

Warrior Coaches will learn and be held accountable to live a warrior lifestyle and to help others do the same. They will learn how to implement the IWC's coaching program into his/her own life in order to build one's character and optimize one's external world. Toward the end of the program, the candidate will also learn how to properly attract and enroll others in order to build a private practice and earn a fulfilling living helping others be the best, most productive people they can be.

Weekly Schedule for either program (Approx 10-15 hrs per week):
- 1 Meditation class
- 1 private coaching session
- 1 group coaching session
- 2 martial arts or QiGong classes
- 1 or 2 psychology classes (until AA degree is earned)
- Daily scripture recitation and ongoing ADGL assignments (Priest Track Only)
- 1 marketing class (during last 6 months of program)


During the first 2 years of training, the trainee will be considered a Warrior Apprentice. Apprentices must enroll in A) a local community college in order to earn an AA in Psychology, B) in a martial arts academy with a traditional belt system OR a formal QiGong training school, and C) for the "Warrior Priest" track, enroll in the Priest-Training program under the American Dragon Gate Lineage. Apprentices must also attend weekly group and private coaching sessions.

Warrior Coach (2 years)

At the end of this 2-year program, an Apprentice shall earn his/her certification as a Warrior Coach, along with an AA degree in Psychology from a local college. The Coach will then be allowed to start a private coaching practice and group coaching practice under Inner Warrior Coaching.

The Warrior Coach will have earned:
- Associates Degree in Psychology from accredited local college
- Certification as a Life Coach
- Certified Mid-Level Belt in Martial Arts OR Certified Level I QiGong Instructor

Warrior Priest (4 years)

After obtaining their Warrior Coach Certification, those on the Warrior Priest track will continue on for an additional 2 years of training in order to become a Warrior Priest.

The Warrior Priest will have earned:
- Associates Degree in Psychology from accredited local college
- Certification as a Life Coach
- Certified High-Level Belt in Martial Arts OR Certified Level II QiGong Instructor
- Ordained Taoist Priest under the American Dragon Gate Lineage


Entering Apprenticeship under Coach Jeremy Pollack of the IWC requires an interview and application process. Email for an application or for more information.