All Strength, Cardio, Balance, and Agility. All Bodyweight Only. All Real-World Useful.

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Total Mind-Body-Spirit Workout

The Inner Warrior Fitness challenge was designed to alternate exercises daily, so that each day you get a unique form of bodyweight-only strength training, cardio & condition, inner power cultivation, balance and agility, mental challenge, and spiritual development. These different, particular types of movements and exercises have been proven to push the body to adapt to various environments and physical requirements, help us get very present in our bodies, and optimally sculpt the mind and body, all while learning practical movements that can be used in the real world as warriors.

Mondays & Wednesdays: Street Self-Defense

Mind Focus: Fear & Mental Toughness
Body Focus: Speed & Power
Spirit Focus: Self-Confidence
Real World Application: Self-Defense
Additional Elements: Explosive cardio, endurance, hand-eye coordination, inner power development, body toughness, staying calm under pressure

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Rock Climbing

Mind Focus: Focus & Persistence
Body Focus: Strength & Core
Spirit Focus: Self-Trust
Real World Application: Climbing & Escape
Additional Elements: Hand strength, finger and toe toughness, staying calm under pressure, graceful movement

Fridays: Yoga

Mind Focus: Clarity & Calmness
Body Focus: Agility & Balance
Spirit Focus: Self-Acceptance
Real World Application: Flexibility
Additional Elements: Light cardio, total body strength, graceful movement

All daily routines are done at 3 gym locations on the Westside of Los Angeles. Contact Coach Jeremy today to find out more about our schedule and training locations.