Emotional Fitness. Mental Clarity. Spiritual Awareness.

Group Coaching is a powerful and dynamic way to gain perspective and support from other like-minded individuals. In Warrior Circles, we focus on helping one another get in touch with each of our Warrior selves. That means opening up and listening to others to understand where and how we are not living up to our full potential and experiencing our true power. We all have an Inner Warrior somewhere deep inside. Through Warrior Circles, our goal is to take on life ups and downs, victories and challenges, by helping one another discover, develop, and utilize our Inner Warriors--our most basic, true, and powerful selves.

Face Your Fears. Embrace Change.

It's a misconception to think that a Warrior has no fear. On the contrary, a Warrior is often afraid! The difference between a Warrior and someone else is that the Warrior embraces the fear and moves forward. Where others may avoid, escape, ignore, or mask their fear, a Warrior is okay with being afraid, and so in the end he or she dispels the "monster in the closet"--fear is not so bad after all. Warriors learn that they can move through life, make radical changes, explore new adventures, fully experience their emotions, and hence live a full and complete life. Never do they let fear stop their progress. This is the premise of Warrior Coaching, and Warrior Circles of Men and Women support each other as they move through changes in their lives, whether afraid, sad, excited, or in any other state.

Set Goals. Achieve Life.

Another major aspect of Warrior Circle Group Coaching is to help each other get clear on what it is we each want for our lives and determine the most efficeint and effective steps in achieving those goals. Once goals are set, members of the circle both hold us accountable and support us in reaching those targets. It's easy to to tell yourself you'll do it later, to get lazy, to discount your ability, to forget that you have the power to achieve... But with fellow warriors supporting you, attaining your goals and living the life you want is much harder to ignore and far easier to realize.

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