We Can Create Anything We Want

We Can Create Anything We Want

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The student asks: “Master, how does one climb the greatest peaks? How does one create all that he conceives?”
The Master answers: “You tell me. How have you done it thus far?”

Everything you have in your life right now has been manifested by you. Everything you think, everything you are, everything you experience--all of it is your creation. Pretty amazing, huh? Maybe a bit scary? Seems like a lot of responsibility. And sure, things happen to us that are out of our control...but what we do with them, how we carry them, what we make of all the gifts and obstacles given to us is all the product of our intention, our choice, our minds’ creative little stories.

How is this possible? How is this extraordinary ability to create everything all yours? Because YOU are extraordinary!

You, yourself, are a creation of the greatest creative energy--that which creates all--the Ultimate Creator. Call it Tao or God or Universe or Source... Whatever you call it, realize that it is the great, unending, ever- creating, changing, and destroying light that exists everywhere infinitely eternally. It is extraordinary, beyond words, beyond limitations--and YOU are not separate from IT. Because we are the Light, each of us has so much fantastic potential to create and manifest anything we want. But we don’t manifest with a “poof” of a wand or a snap of the fingers; similar to the way the Universe creates, creation takes time, effort, patience, and trust. But oh what beauty lies in our hearts, what potential rests in our minds. Allow your light to shine forth in this world and you can manifest ANYTHING you conceive!

Any belief or story that contradicts this truth is also created by you, and so it is your choice to keep or discard that story. You can be limited or limitless--you have the potential for both; it’s totally up to you!

Do not be naive; do not negate the truth of your own creative power--the power to manifest any experience you’d like. Some experiences will take longer than others to produce, but you have the awe-inspiring power to achieve and create, which only a being of light could possess.

You and the Universe are NOT TWO. You are ONE. Thus, you have been creating since the dawn of time. YOU are the Great Creator.

That is it.

I create my reality.
I can manifest anything I want.
My power of creation is limitless, because I am limitless.


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