Your True Potential. Your Essential Self.

Drawing by Yuri Elvin

Drawing by Yuri Elvin

We all have an Inner Warrior, even if we’re not conscious of him or her. It’s that version of our self, deep inside—the raw, visceral experience of our most true and basic self—that rises to the occasion when the going gets absolutely tough. It’s the part that proclaims: “I will get through this. I will be okay. I shall survive!” Inner Warrior Coaching is the training and practice of being in touch with that self in order to use that essential power, not just in times of dire need but in all aspects of life. The power, presence, purpose, and passion of a Warrior helps us optimize our relationships, careers, creativity, peace of mind, and general enjoyment of life.

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Embracing Fear

Whenever we’re afraid; whenever we must be persistent; whenever we must find compassion, even in the midst of fury; whenever we need to focus or to just stop and enjoy the moment… Inner Warrior Coaching helps us to discover what fears are stopping us from living the life we want and to develop the tools necessary for embracing those fears and moving forward. A warrior is not afraid of fear. A warrior does not let fear stop him or her. When we bring our Inner Warrior into our Outer Life, we can achieve the life we only dreamt was possible.

Cultivating Inner Power

Inner Warrior Coaching is not about developing Inner Power. Each of us already has a tremendous amount of power inside. Rather, Warrior Coaching is about developing the tools and practice to get in touch with that power and bring it to the surface so we can use it at will. All the ideals of the ancient warrior sages are still alive today—we each have the ability and the choice to live in that way, in any environment, in any era. We simply must get in touch with our Warrior Self and let him/her join us in our daily decisions, actions, and lifestyles.

So…are you ready to get in touch with your deep power and true potential? Are you willing to discover what becoming a Warrior feels like? Are you ready to bring your Inner Warrior into your life?

A Path of Progressive Change

The process of Coaching does not end when the session is over. Rather, the student or client engages in an ongoing, daily practice of self awareness, discovery, and enhancement. Developing the discipline to expand the elements that are working in one's life while reprogramming the counterproductive ones that aren't, the individual ultimately aims toward self reliance on the path of change. His/her weekly sessions with the Coach are utilized as check-ins, in order to be held accountable for keeping to the practice, to work through the layers of the onion as they arise during the process of change, and to continually develop new and progressive practices that will enhance self growth as the old patterns being to dissolve.

Major Focal Points of Inner Warrior Coaching

1) Taking action toward present and future goals, as opposed to focusing too heavily on past experiences and traumas.

2) Being held accountable to meet goals, commitments, and the terms one sets in his/her life.

3) To discover the person one WANTS to be, and to collaborate on powerful, actionable methods to become that person.

4) To cultivate the infinite power and limitless potential of the Warrior self.

5) To create and live a life that stems from high character and spiritual awareness.