Wild at Heart

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The Warrior’s Path is often shady and riddled with the unknown. There are unforeseeable events around every corner, unpredictable adversaries and allies with every feat, and much fear and trepidation in the face of the mysterious indefinite. Nevertheless, the Warrior treks on… The True Warrior, more often than not, simply tells himself: “Go For it!”

This is what it means to be Wild at Heart. In the face of fear, the Warrior marches forward, the Wise Sage accepts the fear and trusts the Universe. In total faith, he takes the risk! He leaves behind vast contemplation or constant wavering or indecision or stagnation. For he knows that no matter what happens, he will be okay. He will not deviate from his Purposeful Path; he will not stray from the Way he knows is right. On this road, he takes what comes, deals with it, and keeps pressing forth. This is courage. This is freedom. This is the Warrior’s Path.

Do you live a life that is Wild at Heart? Do you tell yourself: “Just do it!” Do you take the risk? Do you trek boldly onward? It is okay to feel fear. A True Warrior is often afraid—that’s how he knows he is moving into new territory, exploring the necessary unknowns to live the life of Discovery & Purpose that he deserves. Next time your gut tells you to go one way, but your mind is spinning with fear and nervousness and worry, just go for it! Take the risk. Embrace the fear, and DO what you know is right. Only that way will fear eventually dissipate, and you shall feel courage and liberation running wild through your veins, pumping vigorously from your untamed heart.

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