The Warrior in All of Us

All women have a warrior side. A powerful, wise, present, clear, and humble ideal self. The self that can take anything, that never quits, that knows her true potential, and uses it to better her self and the world around her. In Inner Warrior Women's Circles, we aim to discover and bring to light the deep feminine warrior. We also work thoroughly on exploring and healing our wounded inner child--the hurt little girl who reacts emotionally to the world and is holding back the adult self from living the full life she has dreamed of. By attending to the Inner Child, harnessing the Inner Warrior, and realizing self-love, self-acceptance, and true power, all women can live the life of the virtuous female warrior.

Support. Reliability. Action.

We all need support in our lives--encouragement for the places we're winning and help in the places we're not. That's why it's so important to have a wise, supportive, and powerful group of like-minded women who are there for you when the going gets rough and or simply when you need a pat on the back. The women will hold you accountable for your actions, push you to achieve that next life goal, and stand behind you as you traverse life's ups and downs.

Integrity & Commitment

All women joining a group are required to make a minimum 8-week commitment, which means showing up on time, each week, ready to give support and be supported. Women's groups are weekly 90-minute sessions.

Contact Inner Warrior Coaching

To inquire about joining Inner Warrior Coaching's Women's Groups in Los Angeles or Santa Monica, please email