WuWei: Flow, Change, and Non-attachment

WuWei: Flow, Change, and Non-attachment

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Being attached to particular things and situations, to specific routes and outcomes, is often a road of anxiety and disappointment. In that state of mind, there are more lows than highs, more stress, judgment, and worries, than peace, compassion, and self-care. But in a state of WuWei, it can be the opposite. In WuWei, one does not impose his or her will to force situations, but rather takes a path of non-action in allowing situations to play out as they must and interpreting them as s/he sees fit for one’s own life lessons. In this way, all outcomes are okay because the individual is passionate and fulfilled no matter what happens. One lives by his own nature and flows with the natural order and unveiling of events in the Universe.

There is a difference between not caring / being indifferent and not being attached to an outcome. Whatever happens, we will probably care about it on some level. Perhaps we care about several possible paths, and maybe we’ll be sad or afraid if one path is lost or altered. However, even with care in our heart, we can remain unattached to an outcome by trusting that the Universe is bringing what is necessary, no matter how sad or scary, and that it is our job to interpret and utilize that path as an opportunity for progress and growth. That way, no matter what happens, no matter how challenging or emotional, it is the right and true path toward ultimate self-realized living. So there essentially is no “wrong” or bad” outcome—there is simply a situation that either is in line with our desire and expectation or is not. Either way can be okay; only each of us can choose to interpret it positively or judge it negatively.

Times get hard, especially in the face of tremendous loss, dramatic change, physical pain or ill health. While allowing ourselves to feel whatever it is we feel, emotionally or physically—thus accepting and inviting the feelings, even the pain, to sit and breathe with us—we stop fighting or ignoring or resisting what is naturally present. This is WuWei—allowing what is natural to occur. This relaxes the body and helps us co-exist with our feelings peacefully, while simultaneously taking rational, calm, and practical steps to address the situation that is causing the challenge, should it indeed require addressing. We must realize that there is purpose in pain—to point to an area that needs attention, and often this is not the physical area where we feel the pain but rather an underlying, emotional conflict. Following these indicators teaches us lessons in dealing with pain and loss, sometimes even coming to terms and accepting death (though this subject is for a separate, more in-depth discussion).

The Universe is not out to get you; your body is not out to get you. There are lessons, sometimes hard ones, in everything—even if the lesson is simply about accepting the situation and being unattached to the way you thought it was supposed to go. This is how it is. So get passionate about living, right here and now, about your life, regardless of this outcome or that circumstance; for all states are temporary, all circumstances contain a lesson, and all happenings are part of a bigger picture that we may not yet see but must nonetheless trust. Remember, we are constantly changing and growing. If you are stuck in attachment—judging, worrying, scheming—then you are resisting change. Instead, go with the flow; move with the natural order; accept yourself and all situations, and then utilize the energy to move to the next phase. Practice WuWei. Only then can you truly find peace while staying on the self-realized path of change and growth.

Whatever happens is okay.
There is a great lesson in every situation, even if I cannot yet see it.
I will care for and accept myself no matter what.

  1. Date: October 17, 2015
    Author: Judythe Anderson Wilson

    Jeremy, I love your words and read your article on acceptance. They came at a good time for me, I have five children and when my 70th B-Day came up I wanted all of my children to be with me. My three daughters do not like one of my sons and when they found out he was here with me, (he lives in Berlin) all hell broke out. I was told by one daughter that I'm not the mother/grandmother she wants, etc. I was devastated. I would like to know more about WuWei and what you think about my situation. I'm a single woman looking for more spiritual meaning in and for my life. Thank You, Judy W.

    • Date: October 18, 2015
      Author: Coach Jeremy

      Hi Judy, thank you for commenting. Please feel free to email me directly at coachjeremy@innerwarriorcoach.com and perhaps we can set up a time to talk.


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