Your Greatest Service

Your Greatest Service

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The wandering sage rests for a night in a township on the eastern border. Upon learning of his great intuitive abilities, the town governor offers the wise man a steady wage and position in the high court. The security and status are indeed tempting, but that path would impede the sage's mission of discovering his divine essence. Without much hesitation, the adept humbly passes on the offer and continues to wander. Ironically, this is called Service.

Food, clothing, and shelter are necessary. But do not forego your true mission for the security of possessions. This will only fill the glass partially, as the biggest fulfillment will come from your contribution, your unique gifts and service to world.

Your greatest service MUST be to live your purpose, your passions, your meaning, whatever they may be. This is why you were put here. These are your unique gifts to the world, the way YOU complete the picture. To live your purpose, to give your purpose, to be what you were born to be, to do what you were destined to do--this is your greatest service to mankind and your greatest expression of the Divine. Do not rob the world of experiencing your gift! Do not forsake us in exchange for the security of status and material wealth. If you focus on purpose first and security second, then have faith that your purpose will bring you stability and wealth of many sorts.

If you ever find yourself running through the monotony of life, going through the motions without much zeal or passion or sense of meaning, then you've lost focus on your purpose. Your purpose could be anything that has meaning to you—from being a mother or a good friend, to becoming an organizer or teacher or leader of some sort. When you lose sight of purpose and life begins to appear like a routine, focus back on why you do the things you do, the meaning behind them: You're doing this to fulfill your mission as a mother, or a leader, or a teacher, or whatever it is you were meant to be. Think of what you would like your gravestone to read, and inspire your actions with that in mind.

Love your life, love your actions. Become an inspiration to others who are still afraid to give up "stability" to instead love their own life. In the altered sentiment of an inspirational leader: Ask not what the Universe can do for you, but what YOU can do for the Universe. Your greatest contribution and service to this world is to live your passions and cultivate your purpose. The rest of us need the special abilities you have to give. For our sake, PLEASE do what you were meant to do!

I have meaning and purpose.
I am bringing my special gifts into the world.
I trust that all my needs will be met if I live my purpose.

  1. Date: August 24, 2016
    Author: Jackie Ledford

    Love it!!! Just what I needed to hear. Thank you


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