Life Coaching for the Modern Warrior

Beyond just Life Coaching, Jeremy Pollack’s Inner Warrior Coaching program emphasizes a path of self-awareness to achieve major life goals. Central to this path is the discovery and cultivation of one’s inner warrior to propel such achievements. Through a unique fusion of traditional life coaching and ancient warrior philosophy, Inner Warrior Coaching helps each practitioner to realize one’s true purpose(s) in life, to define life goals around that purpose, and to set clear, practical steps in order to achieve those goals, with the ultimate aim of living a happier, more productive, and more peaceful life.

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Life Coaching is not therapy: you won’t simply be afforded a cozy chair to explain your feelings—you will be asked to make clear, actionable commitments to making positive changes in your life. And Inner Warrior Training is not Life Coaching: you won’t simply be given tasks and goals—you will be lead inward to face your fears, to develop weapons in combating those fears as well as methods for embracing them, fears which are essentially stopping you from taking action toward your goals. Those brave individuals entering life coaching must want change in some way. But those entering life coaching, particularly Inner Warrior Coaching, must be willing to walk into the dark forest with nothing more than sword in hand, to embrace the fear of the unknown, and to say: “I will not stop… I am forging ahead into the unknown and am ready to face what comes.”

Discovering Your Purpose and Committing to Goals

You may already know—or think you know—exactly what you want in life. Or you may need to get clear on what it is you are meant to do and/or on the life you are meant to lead. Whatever the case, we often find it difficult to clearly identify the necessary practical steps that will help us. And even harder, we have trouble committing to taking those steps because no one holds us accountable. This is where Inner Warrior Coaching has its roots: helping one to discover his or her purpose, getting clear on the goals that will engender such a purpose, committing to actionable steps toward meeting those goals, and being held accountable by one’s life coach to meet those commitments. However, there are often intense conscious and subconscious fears that impede us from not only taking action in our lives but often from understanding why we are really put on this planet. This is where Inner Warrior Coaching and life coaching comes in…

Our Greatest Obstacle and Best Teacher is Our Own Fear

Most adults have developed strong stories about who they are and what they can and CANNOT do. We’ve created robust identities around the limits in our lives, and we very seldom stray from any behaviors that those limiting identities afford. Why? Because our identities are what we know—they’re safe! So what happens if we start pushing the limits? What happens if we start testing the very boundaries of our self-image, toward discovering new ways of interacting with the world, more productive ways of being, more peaceful and centered ways of living? We face the fear of change—the fear of the unknown! And that is extremely scary. But our fear is also a blessing. With the right coach along the path inward, we can learn to not only combat these fears but also to embrace some of them in helping us to understand the limits of our own identities, thereby discovering ways to overcome our own self patterns and make the amazing and necessary changes for our lives that we never thought possible. Martial warriors have been experts in combating and embracing fear since ancient times, and Jeremy Pollack uses these ancient philosophies along with Life Coaching principles to help adults seeking change in the modern world to become Modern Warriors—people who are willing to face and accept their own fears and to move past them in order to create great change in their lives.

The Discipline and Commitment of Practice

In Inner Warrior Coaching, we often say that Discipline is the triumph of Wisdom over Desire. We may consciously desire to partake in the behaviors that we know are counterproductive for us; we may unconsciously slip back into old ways or seek after those old patterns and stories that have stopped serving us in our adult lives. Part of Inner Warrior Coaching is, of course, becoming self-aware and thereby learning to detect those conscious and unconscious destructive or unproductive programs. The other part is learning the tools to STOP these old patterns and developing the discipline to enact those tools, even in the face of strong conscious desires or unconscious tendencies. Martial Artists are renowned for making focus and discipline an integral part of their existence. Jeremy Pollack’s Inner Warrior Coaching program helps all people learn this focus and discipline, which ironically ends up freeing us from our minds!

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